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The Royal Rangers program offers weekly meetings, service projects, and year-round activities. We do these activities to give boys opportunities to make new friends, have fun, and connect with Jesus Christ. This is where a young Ranger has the opportunity to explore the divine plan for his life. Leaders use a time-tested advancement system that meets a boy’s development. Through fun and engaging activities, Ranger mentors help boys grow to lead in a confident and Christlike way.

For Parents.

The motive of Royal Rangers is to immerse boys and young men in adventure and fun activities while getting closer to Christ. The adventures of Royal Rangers include camping and outdoor activities.
for parents

For Boys.

for boys
If you are looking for adventure and fun activities that will boost your skills and learning about Christ, the FMD Royal Rangers program is for you! FDM Royal Rangers is a youth organization in a Florida multicultural district. Royal Rangers also has one of the best camps and youth in the Florida multicultural district.

For Leaders.

Do you want to take part in working with the Royal Rangers?

FMD Royal Rangers assembly may be the one that you are looking for! Since FMD Royal Rangers is an outdoor adventure and spiritual program for boys, we do fun activities such as camping and other outdoor and indoor activities where leadership is always welcome.

for pastors

For Pastors.

for leaders
Is your church interested in the FMD Royal Rangers ministry program? The process of starting a new Royal Rangers outpost can be an invigorating experience. In order to ensure your program begins with a strong foothold we’ve created a body of resources to help you get your program started.

Royal Ranger Detail?

Spiritual Growth 1

Spiritual Growth

Our goal is to come alongside parents to help them raise Godly sons. The ministry is designed to help boys develop friendships, learn valuable skills and lead. This is done by creating fun activities together, serving others, and growing in Christ. Each weekly meeting includes a Bible lesson and/or a devotional message, presented by the Group Leader. These lessons form the foundation of spiritual mentoring that is the central focus of the entire program.

activities 1


Each church determines the types of activities their groups will enjoy based on the needs and interests of their boys. Activities typically include campouts, sporting events, craft projects and field trips. Royal Ranger activities are often related to the skills the group is currently working on as part of their advancement system.

safety 1


The Royal Rangers ministry provides churches with a variety of resources to ensure a safe environment. This includes training guidelines for developing safe activities for the boys. These guidelines address bullying prevention, recruiting and screening godly, mature leadership.

Gender Specific

Gender-Specific Format

God created men and women with special differences. When a boy understands what it means to be a godly man, he aspires to the design that God intended. A single-gender classroom has many benefits, but the greatest of these is for a boy to feel safe and secure in his discovery of who God intended him to be.

parental involvement 1

Parental Involvement

As with many church and community-based programs, parental involvement comes in a variety of forms. Parental support is key for their boy's efforts as he learns new skills and grows in leadership. We encourage parents to meet with church leaders and discover how they can volunteer to support our various Royal Ranger activities.



It is recommended that every boy have a handbook, which provides valuable information about the program, advancement system, uniforms, and more. Multiple uniform options are available and are determined by your outpost. Sometimes families have financial issues that may and you can help. To better understand how you can contribute to the program to ensure every boy has what he needs and has a quality experience, please visit with church leadership.

Contact Us.

Royal Rangers seek to take boys on the journey to “live the adventure” of the Christlike life. We’re glad you’re on this journey with us.

Email us at tatonka97@gmail.com and contact us on this number: (813) 927 4061.

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