EveryBoy Initiative

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This generation has incredible potential! What if that potential is not realized? What if this generation of young men move into manhood not having the opportunity to meet their creator, to realize the hope and plans that are uniquely theirs, or to have an example or a mentor to help them navigate the terrain of […]

2023 FMD Pow Wow

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This is the ultimate event for GUYS!!! The Pow Wow will be held April 21-23, 2023. The location will be at Camp Wilderness, 3065 Hwy 17 S, Fort Meade, FL 33841. Pow wow is a Royal Rangers event that is open to all men and boys, fathers and sons, even teen guys from all across […]

Royal Rangers Alumni

Looking to continue helping Royal Rangers without a full commitment? Well, Royal Rangers Alumni is the place for you…. Read the info. On our brochure and contact us…. We are reaching out to those who used to work with Royal Rangers and no longer are….. You can get involved in helping out at events like: […]